The “Halloweentown” Character You Are, Based on Your Zodiac Signal

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The month of October has a manner of creating you are feeling nostalgic for a unique time. And though chances are you’ll not be trick-or-treating, who doesn’t love reconnecting with their inside baby and rewatching their fave spooky flicks? Let’s speak in regards to the zodiac signal that matches every Halloweentown character, as a result of this 1998 Disney Channel authentic film by no means fails to seize the spirit of October thirty first.

One in all my favourite methods to have fun this time of yr is by watching motion pictures that I affiliate with Halloween. I watch every little thing starting from Disney’s Hocus Pocus to Robert Eggers’ The VVitch. However one film that all the time makes it manner again onto the Halloween film lineup is Halloweentown. And though the following sequels hold the magic of this mystical realm alive, nothing measures as much as the primary installment! Between the rebellious spark of Marnie Piper and the nice and cozy magic of Debbie Reynolds because the legendary Aggie Cromwell, Halloweentown has earned its place as a vital spooky season basic.

Not solely does this film additionally seize the colourful and youthful vibe of 1990’s tv, it present a degree of satisfaction that’s exhausting to return by. The campy high quality of the costumes and set design make it terribly good for somebody craving a little bit of Halloween of their life.

Right here’s the Halloweentown character that matches your zodiac signal, as a result of it additionally incorporates solid that’s ghostly, ghoulish *and* glamorous:

The Halloweentown Character That Matches Your Zodiac Signal

Wolfie Halloweentown

Photograph: Disney.

Woflie’s sassie and fierce presence makes him extremely captivated with his purchasers, capturing precisely how an Aries is all the time hyping you up. Plus, he’s knowledgeable barber, and Mars—Aries’ ruling planet—occurs to manipulate scissors, razors and knives. Aries can be know for being hasty and impulsive, which is why he was able to pounce on the Piper youngsters for shaving his hair. Nonetheless, the truth that he immediately realizes they could have by chance given him a brilliant edgy haircut is so Aries of him. Yeah child!

Halloweentown II Gort

Photograph: Disney.

One issues for certain—Gort loves his belongings. Actually, he has so lots of them that they muddle each nook of his Halloweentown cottage! Taurus can relate, as cash and materials issues matter dearly to his Venus-ruled earth signal. This troll locations all his worth on the fantastic thing about proudly owning objects, as having many gadgets in his possession offers him a way of consolation. How Taurus is that?

Halloweentown Two-Headed Ticket Person

Photograph: Disney.

Everybody is aware of there’s all the time two sides to a Gemini’s character. Look no additional than the two-headed ticket particular person, as a result of they’re continually arguing with themselves! In astrology, Gemini is symbolically tied to the “twins” and dominated by messenger planet Mercury. Halloweentown’s resident two-headed particular person captures what it means to be a Gemini with an angel on one shoulder and a satan on the opposite.

Aggie Cromwell Halloweentown

Photograph: Disney.

Who doesn’t secretly want Aggie Cromwell was their grandmother? Her motherly and compassionate vibe is so robust that she have to be a Most cancers. Dominated by the nurturing and mystical moon, there’s all the time one thing witchy about Most cancers, as this zodiac signal all the time has a kitchen full of highly effective herbs and uncommon elements. Nonetheless, let’s not overlook Aggie can be decided, brave and extremely protecting, that are all qualities that shine by way of this extremely maternal water signal.

Halloweentown II Kal

Photograph: Disney.

Kal represents the darkish aspect of Leo, so don’t take this personally if you happen to occur to be one! Nonetheless, nobody can deny that Leo’s like to be the brightest character within the room. And if a Leo takes that sentiment too far, they could wind up like Kal, who sapped the colour out of Halloweentown and turned everybody however himself into creatures from a boring black and white world. Come on, Kal. You might be dominated by the solar, however that doesn’t imply you’re the middle of *this* universe!

Dylan Piper Halloweentown

Photograph: Disney.

Dylan Piper screams Virgo. There’s actually no different solution to put it! Dylan is the primary particular person to query one thing, trying to find logic and proof in a world through which nothing is sensible. Simply because he fantasizes about Cleveland and encourages his sister to have fun Arbor Day as a substitute of Halloween doesn’t imply he doesn’t convey his personal magic to the desk. With out his intelligent and cautious thoughts, the Piper clan would overlook each single pink flag!

Halloweentown Luke

Photograph: Disney.

Luke’s journey is all about studying to like himself for who he’s. And like each Libra, he simply needs to be stunning sufficient to be beloved! He actually remodeled himself right into a human simply so he may appeal to the attention of Marnie Piper, the brand new witch in Halloweentown. Nonetheless, everybody is aware of he seems to be *so* a lot cooler when he’s embodying his true goblin kind!

Gwen Piper Halloweentown

Photograph: Disney.

When Gwen units her thoughts on one thing, she makes a dedication for the long-haul. She’s additionally considerably unforgiving and controlling, that are each Scorpio qualities (particularly once they have a delicate coronary heart). Although her need for her youngsters to dwell a “regular” life exterior of Halloweentown could also be considerably domineering, it’s solely as a result of she cares about them and desires to guard them from the risks of that world. Like all Scorpio, she will be able to nonetheless entry her deep-seated powers each time she needs, irrespective of how a lot she has tried to suppress them.

Benny Halloweentown

Photograph: Disney.

Halloweentown’s resident sensible man must be Benny, the skeletal taxi driver who all the time has one thing snarky to say. Might he be something apart from an adventure-seeking Sagittarius? Not solely does he signify one of many important modes of transportation in Halloweentown, he all the time takes his passengers alongside for a wild trip. When you’ve entered his automobile, who is aware of what he’ll say (or the place you’ll find yourself).

Kalabar Halloweentown

Photograph: Disney.

Kalabar is what occurs when a Capricorn will get a style of energy and likes it just a little *too* a lot. As a result of they’re so hardworking and decided, it’s not unusual for Capricorns to finish up in positions of authority. They work exhausting and ultimately, they make it to the highest! Effectively, Kalabar has already made it to the highest of Halloweentown, however that’s not sufficient for this hard-core Capricorn. He needs to rule over the mortal world too!

Marnie Piper Halloweentown

Photograph: Disney.

Like all Aquarius, Marnie simply needs to really feel like she belongs someplace; like she’s part of one thing bigger than herself. Residing within the mortal world made her really feel like an outcast, which is a sentiment each Aquarius feels aware of. They typically really feel unusual and strange, as if they should discover their folks! Marnie matches proper in with the bizarre and wacky characters of Halloweentown and her community-oriented nature makes her an Aquarius by way of and thru.

Sophie Piper Halloweenown

Photograph: Disney.

Individuals all the time underestimate the Pisces, which is one thing Sophie Piper can relate to. She will be the youngest of the Piper siblings, however she’s additionally, in some ways, the neatest. She was the one one who may bear in mind the Cromwell chant that prompts their magic powers. Witchcraft comes so naturally to Sophie, as a result of these born underneath Pisces are all the time naturally attuned to the spirit world. Sophie can be the character with the very best degree of empathy, which tracks for a Pisces.

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